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frenifyJune 14, 2018

From somewhere above 31,000 feet, heading to his North Korean summit in Singapore, Donald Trump pitched a hand grenade into this weekend’s G-7 meeting of the world’s leading democracies. In a fit of pique over remarks by the G-7 host,

frenifyJune 14, 2018

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters traveling with him in Seoul that he was “confident” North Korea understood there will be in-depth verification of the dismantling of its nuclear program. Pompeo also pushed back on criticism that the joint

frenifyJune 14, 2018

A congressional candidate in South Carolina who admitted to abusing his ex-wife 45 years ago and lost all support from national and state Democrats has won his Democratic primary, CNN projects. Archie Parnell overwhelmingly beat his three primary opponents and

frenifyJune 14, 2018

Sen. Bob Menendez said Wednesday that a fellow Democrat who is running for Congress after admitting to abusing his ex-wife decades ago “probably should be” seen as having disqualifying behavior in the eyes of voters. When asked by CNN’s Poppy


frenifyJune 15, 2018

The French photographer at the centre of allegations of sexual assault, which contributed to the postponement of this year’s Nobel prize in